Are you where you want to be? A simple question and we don't mean this to be some sort of deep, dark existential question. Is your training going well? Do you understand what you are doing and more importantly, are you getting the results you want? Or are you a little frustrated? If you are reading this, chances are that you aren't happy with how your training is going and that's totally fine. We've all been there. Week after week, month after month of getting to no results -- The important part is doing something about it. We hear you. We are the Grit Girls, and we specialize in training women. We have developed the type of training that gives you structure, support and accountability necessary to push your results to the next level. The tools we provide will encourage independence every time you walk in the gym, so you can be able to enjoy working out by yourself with confidence. We are a very diverse all girl gang with different fitness backgrounds and body types. We TOTALLY get that women come in different shapes and sizes, fitness was never a "one-size-fits-all" anyway. That is why we created a brand that isn't just about training one way, but several ways. We promise to make you fall in love with strength training, HIIT training and setting realistic goals for your bodies to become the best version of yourself just as we did! Let's get to work, Ladies!

The Gang

Our Mission

Grit girls gang is dedicated to educating and delivering effective workouts and fitness tips to other women. It is our passion to educate women on how to workout, eat healthily, get in shape and maintain it for life. The aim of Grit Girls is to provide a highly effective no frills approach to lifting. We will get you the results we wished we could have achieved when we first started working out in the gym. No gimmicks, false promises or untested principles. Just battle tested lifting advice from three fitness nerds...err…enthusiasts. Our concept of lifting revolves around the notion of continuous improvement. We are constantly striving to get better & more importantly, help YOU get better. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, build muscle, be more athletic or a combination of any of those, we are confident we can help you reach your goal.

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